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At Pawn Central, we work to provide a short-term solution to your immediate cash flow needs. Use your assets to secure direct funding! We accept a wide variety like, musical instruments, guitars, gold, silver, jewelry, designer handbags and more of and will always work with you to meet your financial needs. Some of our favorite assets include:

Jewelry & Watches

We provide quick and easy cash loans to customers looking for short-term funding. By bringing in your previously owned fine jewelry or luxury watches, our experts can evaluate the pieces and provide you a loan amount based on the current market value. The process is simple – you leave the items with us as collateral against the loan. Once the loan is repaid, along with a small fee, the pieces are returned to you.

Our loans are secured against fine jewelry and watches from top luxury brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Rolex, and Patek Philippe. Customers appreciate they can access cash simply by bringing in pieces they no longer wear, but would like to keep in their possession once funds are secured. Rather than selling the luxury items, our loan program allows customers to maintain ownership while gaining quick access to working capital. We pride ourselves on fair and transparent evaluations to determine appropriate loan amounts.

Need cash now? See what Pawn Central can offer for your gold, firearms or guitars

Need quick cash for anything from old electronics to antique jewelry? Visit Pawn Central, your trusted local pawn shop that offers top dollar prices and fast cash in hand for your used valuables.

Gold & Silver

 Pawn Central has proudly served as the trusted hub for pawn services in Galesburg, IL, for over a decade, earning the community’s confidence. Whether you’re seeking swift cash or looking to sell your pre-owned possessions, we strive to deliver the most competitive prices. From electronics and musical instruments to tools, gold, and silver, we acquire a diverse array of second-hand items. Rely on our expert staff to furnish instant quotes, ensuring transparency in assessing the value of your belongings.

In addition to our purchasing services, we offer pawn loans for those in need of short-term financial solutions. Simply bring in a valuable item, including gold and silver, to secure the loan, and you could leave with the cash you require. When the time comes to repay the loan, the option to repurchase your item at the agreed-upon price is available. Whether you’re selling your goods or seeking a pawn loan, our commitment remains unwavering – to treat every customer with the utmost courtesy, respect, and honesty.


Our jewelry store offers a wide variety of precious gemstones and fine jewelry. We have a large selection of diamonds, including large carat stones perfect for engagement rings or anniversary gifts. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds dazzle in our designer jewelry. For those looking for a luxury watch, we also carry high-end timepieces from the top brands. In addition to beautiful diamonds, we specialize in colored gemstones. We have an array of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds that can be set into stunning pieces of jewelry. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect gemstone and setting to create a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll treasure forever. Come see our sparkling collection of jewels and jewelry today.


Looking to get some quick cash for your firearms? Pawn Central is the place to go. As one of the few pawn shops in Illinois and Iowa that deals in guns, we make loans against unloaded, cased firearms. Simply bring your firearm into our store and we’ll make you a cash offer on the spot. With an extensive selection of rifles, handguns, shotguns, and more, Pawn Central stands out from other pawn shops. We understand the value of your firearms and will provide fair pawn loans. Need extra money fast? Don’t let your guns gather dust – bring them into our shop. Our expert staff will evaluate your firearm and make a competitive cash offer. Pawn or sell your guns at Pawn Central today.

Musical Instruments

For musicians looking to score quick cash or upgrade equipment, our shop is the perfect place to buy, sell, and trade musical instruments. Got an old guitar collecting dust? Bring it in and we’ll make a cash offer for pawn or trade. Gearing up for a big gig but need extra funds? We provide loans against your amps, drums, keyboards and other equipment. As true music lovers, we understand the value of quality instruments and pro audio equipment. Our expansive inventory covers everything from guitars and amps to drums, violins and horns. Dreaming of that vintage Les Paul? Trade in your gear to put cash towards your ideal instrument. Whether you need fast cash or want to refresh your music collection, we offer the best deals on instruments and audio equipment. Come chat with our band of experienced staff today.

Cameras & Equipment

Turn your old camera equipment into cold hard cash at our pawn shop. We buy and make loans against all types of used photo gear including DSLR and mirrorless cameras, lenses, lighting kits, tripods and more. So dig out that old DSLR that’s been collecting dust and bring it in for an appraisal. We’ll make you a fair cash offer on the spot. Drone pilots, we also buy drones and drone cameras! If you have a drone you no longer fly or want to upgrade your equipment, bring it in. We’ll evaluate your drone, controllers, batteries, and cameras to come up with a competitive pawn loan or purchase price. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or seasoned pro, our shop understands the value of your gear. Cash in on your unused equipment today and get the money you need fast. We’re photography enthusiasts who know our lenses from our shutter speeds, so you can trust us to give you a good deal.

Sell your valuables today and get cash in hand.

Whether you stop by our store or visit us online, Pawn Central can help you turn your things into instant cash.

Car Audio

Looking to pump up your ride’s audio or need some quick cash? Bring your car sound equipment into our shop. We buy used subwoofers, amps, speakers, touch screens, and other car audio gear. Planning to upgrade your speakers or install a booming sub? Drag in your old system and we’ll make an offer for pawn or purchase. As car audio enthusiasts, we specialize in high-end car electronics. We’ll assess your amplifiers, component speakers, subwoofers and more to make a competitive cash offer. Whether you’re a bass head looking to upgrade your subs or need fast cash for your unused touch screen, our experts will give you a fair price. Got an older sound system lying around? Turn it into money today. From entry-level speakers to advanced multi-amp systems, we buy it all. Rev up some cash for your car upgrades or expenses. We’re car audio pros ready to give you a great deal.

TV’s & Entertainment

Looking to score some quick cash for your home electronics? Our pawn shop pays top dollar for used flat screen TVs, DVD players, home audio equipment and home theater systems. Planning on upgrading your entertainment setup or need some extra money? Bring in your unused Blu-ray player or surround sound speakers for an appraisal. We’ll make a competitive cash offer on the spot. As home theater enthusiasts, we understand the value of quality electronics. Our expert staff will assess the make, model, and condition of your equipment to come up with a fair pawn loan or purchase price. Whether you’ve got an older 42″ plasma TV lying around or a near-new soundbar system, we’ll give you a great deal. Trading up to the latest tech or need fast money? Cash in your home electronics at our shop today. We buy it all – from DVD players to 4K smart TVs. Get the top dollar your AV equipment deserves.

Computers & Devices

Staying current with the latest tech can be expensive. Instead of letting your outdated gadgets collect dust, bring them into our shop. We buy used laptops, tablets, smartphones and more – even if they’re last season’s models. Planning an upgrade but need extra cash? We’ll give you a competitive offer on your old device. As tech enthusiasts, we understand the rapid innovation cycles of phones, laptops, and tablets. But we know even older electronics still have value. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assess your device’s make, model, age and condition to make a fair cash offer. Whether you’ve got an early generation iPad or Galaxy phone lying around, we’ll give you a great pawn loan or purchase price. Don’t let your unused electronics go to waste. Cash in your gadgets and get the money you need today. We pay top dollar – stop by for a quote!

Game Systems

For gamers looking to score cash or find new games, our pawn shop is a one-stop shop. Got an old PS2 gathering dust? Bring it in – we buy used video game systems and vintage games like Atari. Upgrading to Xbox One or PS5? Trade in your older consoles and games for store credit. With decades of gaming history in stock, we’re video game experts. Our massive inventory covers everything from retro portables like Game Boy to modern hits like Nintendo Switch. Looking for a specific title? We likely have it in store ready to play. Need extra gaming funds? We offer generous pawn loans and buyouts on your unused systems. From tablet games to VR gear, we buy, sell, and trade it all. Relive classic gameplay or gear up with next-gen tech. For the best deals on games and consoles, visit our shop. The fun and value are levelled up.

Sports Memorabilia

As huge sports fans, we know the sentimental value cherished memorabilia can hold. That’s why we make competitive pawn loans against your sports collectibles. Got a mint condition rookie card or a signed jersey in the closet? Bring them into our shop for an appraisal from experts. We’ll provide you with a fair, low-interest loan so you can keep your memorabilia secure while getting extra cash. With decades of combined collecting experience, our staff understands the nuances that affect value – rarity, condition, authentication, and more. Whether you’ve got vintage equipment, autographed balls, or shiny championship rings, we’ll make you a personalized loan offer on the spot. As collectors ourselves, we’ll treat your prized possessions with care and discretion. Unlock quick cash against your sports treasures without the worry. Here, your fandom is understood and appreciated.

Sell your valuables today and get cash in hand.

Whether you stop by our store or visit us online, Pawn Central can help you turn your things into instant cash.


For contractors and DIYers, our pawn shop offers a simple way to turn your old tools into cash. Planning an upgrade or just need extra funds? We buy all types of used power tools and construction equipment. Got an old miter saw or socket set collecting sawdust? Bring them in for an appraisal from our experienced staff. We’ll make a competitive cash offer or pawn loan on the spot. With an extensive inventory of professional grade tools, we’re the go-to for tradespeople. From table saws to nail guns, ladders to generators, we buy, sell and pawn it all. Whether you’re between jobs or taking on a new project, we provide fast access to cash when you need it. And when it comes time to restock your toolbox, you can find deals on quality pre-owned brands. For the best values on drills, saws, ladders and more, visit our shop. We speak builder, and we’re ready to make you a great offer on your equipment.