Cash for Luxury Watches – All Brands

We love gold and jewelry, but we are also fascinated by watches! Especially those from top brands such as ROLEX, BREITLING, OMEGA, and VICTORINOX.
Brand new or passed down from generation to generation, we will be more than happy to take a look at your watch and quote you a price for it. Gold watches of any style are also of great interest to us and we guarantee to give you top cash for your timepiece.
At Pawn Central we are committed to bringing you the best service possible. We know how important your watch can be to you and that they sometimes represent more than just cash. In each of our pawn shops our team of professionals is changing the image and concept of pawnshops and pawnbrokers alike, by having clean well lit stores and a welcoming attitude towards everyone who walks through the door.

Need Cash Now? See What Pawn Central Offers for Your Valuables

Need fast money for anything from old gadgets to vintage bling? Check out Pawn Central, your trusted neighborhood pawn shop that provides top buck prices and quick paper in hand for your used goods.

Certified Pre-Owned Watch Selection

If you’re looking for a high-end timepiece without the luxury price tag, be sure to browse our certified pre-owned watch selection. Each certified pre-owned watch has been thoroughly inspected, tested, refurbished and authenticated by our experienced watchmakers. This ensures you get a like-new timepiece in excellent working condition that looks fantastic. As a trusted pawn shop, we only carry watches from reliable sources, so you can shop our certified pre-owned selection with total confidence. With our certified pre-owned watches, you can get a significant discount on popular luxury brands while still getting a pristine, authentic timepiece with a warranty. Come see our current selection of the finest certified pre-owned watches around. We think you’ll be impressed with the great deals on offer from top brands.