Gold & Silver

Gold Collectibles into Cash Now

With the price of gold consistently on the rise, now is the time to cash in on your unwanted gold collectibles and coins. Bring your vintage gold coins, jewelry, and other gold items to Pawn Central and we’ll appraise them on the spot. As an established, trusted pawn shop, we stay up-to-date on current gold prices to ensure you get top dollar for your gold. Whether it’s an antique gold pocket watch, gold charms, or gold bullion coins, we’ll weigh it, test it, and make a fair cash offer. Don’t let unused gold collectibles sit around collecting dust – turn them into instant cash today at Pawn Central. We make pawning gold quick, easy and profitable.

We buy all types of scrap and broken gold, even if it’s damaged or missing stones. Bring in your broken chains, scrap dental gold, mismatched earrings, etc.
Cracked or broken jewelry often still contains valuable gold – we’ll weigh it and make an offer based on the current gold melt value.

Sell your valuables today and get cash in hand.

Whether you stop by our store or visit us online, Pawn Central can help you turn your things into instant cash.

Cash for Silver Collectibles Here

In addition to gold, Pawn Central also provides top dollar for your unwanted silver items. Like gold, silver is trading near all-time highs right now, making it the perfect time to cash in your vintage silver coins and collectibles. We accept a wide variety of silver including jewelry, flatware, tea sets, trays, old silver dollars, silver bars and ingots. Our expert appraisers will inspect your silver items and make a competitive cash offer based on silver purity and weight, as well as numismatic value for rare coins. Silver half dollars, Mercury dimes, Morgan dollars and Peace dollars are all very collectible right now. So gather up your unused silver jewelry, grandma’s vintage silverware set, old silver coins from your childhood collection and anything else containing silver, and come see us at Pawn Central. We’ll turn your unwanted silver into instant cash in hand quickly and conveniently.